Motives To Hire A Judge Ray Harding Divorce Mediator

A mediator is an individual who is trained at aiding individuals to resolve conflicts and disputes. This individual listens to both sides of a conflict and then works with the individuals to resolve their issues in a manner that benefits both parties. A mediator can meet with both individuals at the same time, or meet with each party individually.

Once the mediator has collected all the facts concerning the conflict, they will then propose a number of different solutions for an amenable outcome. The parties will then meet and discuss the different proposals by the mediator and attempt to come to an agreement. Mediation is becoming quite popular to avoid lengthy court cases and hefty lawyer fees.

Mediators are most commonly associated with the legal process but can work and be found in a number of different settings. These settings include the business arena, politics, as well as family dispute situations. Wherever there is a need for mediation and the parties are willing to try to resolve their issues without a court room setting, a mediator is the best choice.

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